A “Vision” or “Dream” Board

Do you have a Vision board or aka Dream board?  Which side of the fence are you on with this topic?  Do you believe in the law of attraction or do you think its mumbo jumbo?

I didn’t start reading about the law of attraction or creating a vision board until a couple of several years ago when “The Secret” hit the market.  As I read more about the subject, I realized that I had naturally been doing many of these mind processes at an early age.  I was a very good athlete when I was young; as a result, I always visualized the end result before taking the field or making a play.

As I look back to the past and where I am at today, I realize that I have had a successful life.  I attribute most of my success through positive thinking while minimizing the negative thoughts (while the rest is do to good luck).  In addition to having positive energy, I would create a picture, through drawing, that detailed what I wanted.  My drawings would either be a tangible item such as a house or reflecting my career aspirations by showing a work chart of my progression.

Last year I put up a vision board on the wall within my home office, or den to others.  The vision board currently has the following with room to grow: pictures – apple laptop, passport for traveling, bag of money, opportunity sign; words – super affiliate millionaire, family, gratitude, joy, passion, unlimited income, wealth, love you, thank you, happiness, health and abundance; statement – just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.

So do you have a vision board or do you think its mumbo jumbo.  I would like to know your thoughts.

To your success…….