My Online Coach Named “Alex Jeffreys”

Have you ever heard or been told that having a mentor and/or coach is important to be successful?  Well most people have; however, few ever take action and find this person.  If you read or watch an interview of someone that is successful, in almost ever case they mention having a mentor or coach.

I have had a successful career in the automotive financial business.  Now I desire to have the same success with an online business helping others reach their goals and potential.  In order to make an immediate impact online, I have identified a coach to learn and advance my knowledge within the internet world.  As a result, I am officially a student of “Alex Jeffreys” Marketing with Alex.

This journey started two weeks ago.  My blog is only 10 days young and has already changed in a short period of time.  Stay tuned for my blog to continue to improve as I learn from the coaching of Alex Jeffreys.  In my short period of time, I have installed this blog and set up a web-site for others to access a free “List Building” eBook at

I welcome your comments regarding this post or even suggestions on how I can bring more value to the internet world.

To your success……