Hi there, welcome to my online home and thank you!

We all have a story, so here is mine in both the offline and online world:

Traditional Life

I started my career repossessing automobiles for a major automotive company.  I had a strong desire to succeed and climb  the corporate ladder.  Over a 8 year period, I went from a repo rep, collector, auditor, management training program, supervisor, manager, regional operations manager, territory operations manager and finally a regional manager within the automotive finance industry. The key to my success was  focus, strategy, relationships and hard work.  Now after my proven offline success, I wanted to test the online world and see if I could emulate the same success.

Online (The Future) Life

I began my online venture in 2008.  What I had experienced in the first couple of months is failure.  I couldn’t figure out how to make money on a consistent basis.  I made a little money with some of my work, but mainly I spent time spinning my wheels.  It all changed when I decided to sign up for some coaching, getting guidance and support by an experienced online marketer.  If you think about it, when you start a traditional job, you go through some type of formal training.  This is no different in the online world.  I know there are many sales letters promoting that you can make thousands of dollars online in 30 – 90 days with no experience; however, not one every does achieve these promises.  I would say that 95% of the successful online marketers had a mentor or coach to support them in their initial stages.

During this journey, I have built great relationships and have received free advice by many other marketers.   As of today, I have created several products and coached many students through programs that show them how to make an income with an online business.

Don’t let struggles get you down, you can always succeed in life if you have the mindset and determination.

Join my VIP membership and reach out to me to introduce yourself.  My focus now is to help 10,000 people stop living paycheck to paycheck and finally live a brighter future.

Remember this: “What ever the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve”

Your online mentor, partner and friend,